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Be advised! Your membership will automatically be renewed after 14 days unless you cancel it. Your membership is paid in advance - the price is £49 for 30 days. | EM Arctic ApS | Postboks 313 | 9100 Aalborg | | Reg. Nr: ApS525495 | Tlf. +45 96 20 01 07

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You pay only £0.15
for trial membership for 14 days. | EM Arctic ApS | Postboks 313 | 9100 Aalborg | | Reg. Nr: ApS525495 | Tlf. +45 96 20 01 07

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The price of a 14-day trial membership is 0.15£ After 14 days your membership continues automatically - each month 49£ is charged to your account unless membership has been terminated. There is no minimum membership requirement.

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